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What will be provided to each restaurant:

  • One (1) 8’ table, one (1) 6’ table (one for prep, one for serving)
  • 10×10 canopy, unless restaurant is providing own canopy. Please indicate this on your application.
  • Up to Four (4) wristbands & tasting plates
  • Individual social media post plus multiple shares on IG and FB

What each restaurant will need to provide:

  • Additional décor/signage for table top only. Must not interfere with the visibility of neighboring tables.
  • Plates, cutlery and napkins for serving. Plates will be provided to all guests, but are to be used more as trays to hold plated food from each restaurant
  • Flyers, Menus, Coupons, marketing materials and incentives for guests to visit the restaurant after the event.
  • If electricity is needed, please bring a 50’ or longer extension cord and indicate electricity is needed on your application. An additional charge of $75 will apply.


You need to have an existing Health Department Permit to participate.  In lieu of a HD Permit, you can fill out a TFF with the HD.  Please contact organizer with any questions

  • Completed Cravens Declaration Form (to be sent to vendor once application is received).
  • All foods are from a permitted restaurant or market and are in a clean, protected condition
  • All foods and utensils are stored off the ground
  • Adequate temperature control

~~Cold foods held at 41ºF or below (45ºF is permitted if the products are discarded after 12 hours)

~~Hot foods kept at 135ºF or above. Foods shall be discarded at the end of the day

~~If Time as Public Health Control (TPHC) is being used and plan is available

  • Probe thermometer available
  • Any ready-to-eat foods are stored away from raw meats
  • Handwash station is provided in the booth
  • No eating or smoking by the workers in the TFF area
  • Employees with cuts, sores, or rashes on the hands are removed from duty or are wearing gloves and hair is restrained
  • Approved sanitizer (chlorine, quaternary ammonium or iodine) and test strips
  • If you are cooking onsite, you MUST have a fire extinguisher. Class K if you have a deep fryer.  The extinguisher must be securely stored in an upright position.


Menu Item(s)

  • Plan food to feed 1,200+ guests. Sample sizes only—small portions.Only give samples to guests with a wristband and plate. Signage will be provided to each booth with this restriction spelled out.
  • All prep-work for menu items to be completed prior to arrival at Tri-City Park.
  • Restaurants are NOT to supply any drinks, i.e., soda or water. These will be provided by non-profits at a cost
  • All “leftover” food will be discarded and or removed at the end of the evening.

Additional Guidelines:

  • 1:00 p.m. set up
  • The space contracted is to be used solely for the name that appears on this contract and it is agreed that no portion will be sublet or used by any other organization or business.
  • Each restaurant will need to adhere to the load-in and load-out schedule which will be provided via email prior to the event.
  • After unloading, please park vehicles in the designated parking lot.
  • Each restaurant must be set-ready to serve food by 4:45 p.m. Restaurants may arrive as early as 1:00 p.m.
  • Each restaurant is required to stay for the duration of the event. The event is open to the public until 9:00pm. Violators may not be invited back to future events.
  • Each restaurant must remove all materials and trash from the booth space by 10:00 p.m.
  • The Chamber has created an official Facebook event page for this event. Please utilize this page and share this event with your contacts.  Please DO NOT create your own event.  This will streamline information and boost attendance to the event


If for reasons beyond the Chamber’s control, the Taste of Placentia must be cancelled, the Placentia Chamber of Commerce is not liable for any cost other than exhibitor space fees (which are none to participating restaurants). If date or location must be changed for some reason beyond the Chamber’s control, a new date or location will be sent out as soon as possible. Should any exhibitor wish to cancel this agreement and not exhibit for the event, request must be in the Chamber office by August 10, 2024. This request must be in writing.

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    Need Electricity - You provide your own 50’+ extension_cord). $75.00 fee to be paid prior to event.

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    Representative One - Space is limited to 4 representatives per booth

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    Representative Four - Space is limited to 4 representatives per booth

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